Dec 15, 2015

Hello's From Mexico...

It's nice finding that place where you just go and relax...

The next few days we hope to relax and just have some better days than we have
 been having.  Mexico is where Arvid relaxes.  No phone calls.  For him it is heaven.

For me it is a little more complicated than that.  I enjoy calling my family,
but for the next few days I don't think I will be doing much calling except to my mom.  
Always have to talk to her and stay abreast of what's happening to
 the rest of the family.  Of course we text all the time.

I always enjoyed our trips, but this time my heart is not into it as before.  Something
is missing.  I have made up my mind to relax (difficult); I have made up my 
mind to think of other things other than Brutus, (difficult), and I promised 
myself I will give it my best shot.  That's all I can do for now.  Try.

Here it is another beautiful day.  The sky is blue and I hear the birds chirping
 from our balcony.  I can see the people getting ready to go on their daily tour of some 
sort.  Everywhere around us there is laughter, life and though people
 are sad they don't give up on life.  Don't plan on doing that either.

 From our side of the world, wishing you a good relaxing day.

I like to be lazy. I do like to be busy and really active, but when that's done, 
you can be sure I will be a lazy girl.  I like to take time and relax and enjoy life...