Dec 11, 2015


Taking things one day at a time, one step at a time, and remembering that
 not all things can be explained always.  Missing you is taking up a lot of my time..

A big part of the today will be spent getting everything ready for tomorrow.  The 
good thing is that it will keep me busy and for that both Arvid and I are very grateful.

As always I am going to prepare quite a lot of different foodies for tomorrow.
Cooking is something I always enjoy, but for some reason i don't enjoy 
food as much.  Trust me I eat, but I don't enjoy the experience as 
I did before.  One day this will be better as well.

The day is looking good for today and for tomorrow.  Happy about that.  Would 
be a shame to have rain when the boat parade is on.  With Brutus it was 
never an issue if he would run out, but wit  Shadow we will have 
to be very careful.  He is constantly ready to take off.

The other day I drove by Fort Lauderdale beach.  The day was bright and sunny. 
 Clear blue skies all day long.  Made for an OK outing. Yesterday neither Arvid nor I
 were not having such a good day.  Brutus is never far from our thoughts.

Soon we will be going to Mexico for a few days.  I know Arvid is super eager to get
 away from here.  First we both love it there, but now for him it will also be therapeutic 
because as he says, "that's the one place Brutus has not been with us."

Right now I am not keen on going, but plans were made before Brutus died.
Arvid says he thinks it will do us both good.  I am definitely going to try and have
 a better time.  As for Shadow he is doing very good.  Gaining weight all the time.

Tis the season to be jolly and I wish you all the very best of times.  For now, 
my days are still moving very slowly, but at least it's moving.  I'm grateful for each new 
day no matter how sad they are.  Others are not that fortunate to have another day. 

Everyone is getting prepared for the Boat parade tomorrow.

Live one day at a time; because the future will 
come your way no matter what anyway..