Dec 16, 2015

Wednesday..One Day At A Time...

Sometimes all you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess.
Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best...

We take long walks in the mornings.  We see the beautiful flowers and many, many stray
kitties.  As always I have a bag of food for them.  Yesterday we fed 6 at one time.

There is beauty and life all around us.  I always visit the 2 lovebirds that live in one of the 
nearby restaurants.  It's interesting to see their interaction with each other.  They are cute.

As always I am awake very early.  My morning coffee seems to taste much
 better watching the sunrise.  Maybe just my imagination, but it does.  I love mornings.

After breakfast Arvid and I go for a walk.  Neither of us wants to spend too much 
idle time, more like he does not want me to have too much time on my hands.  Right
now I appreciate that very much.  Alone time, which I used to really enjoy is now not the best.

Yesterday it was soccer at The Pub.  One of our favorite spots in our area.  As always the food,
is good as is the view and the drinks.  My drink of choice in Mexico is the homemade lemonade.

For our evening walk we went by the docks.  Right by our apartment.  Had the bad of
kitty food with me.  Of course we heard meowing.  A cute black and white kitty
 came running up to us.  He/She then proceeded to do exactly as Brutus would..

Just grazed all over us.  Flopped on Arvids feet and then rolled over several times
for petting/brushing.  There and then no one would make me believe that it was not
Brutus.  Liliana says Shadow is doing good, but not eating as well as he should.

  Of course I worry about him as well.  Arvid is very keen these days on making sure
 Liliana sends us pictures of Shadow.  Yesterday he said, "she only sent 2 pictures?"

Good morning everyone.  It is another beautiful day here in Mexico.
They say the future comes one day at a time.

There is no pause in life, the moment we pause, we stop living.