Dec 18, 2015

Friday In Mexico...

You can't start the next chapter in your life
 if you keep re-reading the last one...

This time in Mexico neither of us is really in the mood to go touring.  We are just
staying within the confines of our neighborhood which works out fine for me.

Sitting out in the balcony, something I never did that much is what I do quite often these days. 
 Arvid as always is the balcony type.  He enjoys it all the time and keeps me focused.

We have already done our morning walk for today.  So many beautiful places to see and
just life going on everywhere like it should.  People are happy and having the best of times.

Weather wise it is hot, so today I did like the locals.  I went walking around town with the
umbrella.  Really protects against the heat and of course the few heavy drizzles we had.
 Rain or no rain we do our walks.  As always I take pictures of any and everything.

  Today I did cars, and some of the means of transportation of the locals.  Kept me busy,
 and entertained.  As always I can only get Arvid from behind.  As we walked we
talked about Brutus, Shadow and how fortunate we are no matter what has
 happened.  I know we are and for that I am always thankful.

To all a very good day.  Wishing you all a happy Holiday Season.

Forget all the reasons why it won't work,
 and believe the one reason why it will...