Jan 2, 2018

2018 ~ Day 2

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right...

January 1st 2018.  Did not seem any different to us from any other day. 
 We Skyped with the grand kids and Arvid and I spoke with family 
wishing them all a happy New Year.  Aside from that was 
just a regular, but extremely cold day.

At Almost Home we had to replace all the wires to our Internet.  
 It was so cold the wires just busted open.  Took us a good 3 hours 
to get it fixed.  Fortunately I was able to get hold of our Internet guy
 to come in on New Years Day.  But after 3 hours everything was 
back up and running. Everyone happy and content.

As appreciation for the present my tenants gave me I made coleslaw 
for everyone at the hotel.  They actually liked it so much the times before, 
so I thought it would be a good treat. Took me a few hours on Sunday, but 
I got it done and packaged them in really cute Christmas containers. 

 Yesterday I went door to door to hand it out.  
By the time I was done I swear I had frostbite.

Arvid and Chris our maintenance guy were running around the entire building
at Almost Home pulling wires for the cables.  They even got up to the roof.
Of course then Arvid said he was not cold.  Can’t figure that man out.

Soon going to Florida and Arvid is super excited. I’m excited
 because we will see my sister, David and Danielle.  Danielle spoke
 to Arvid and made him promise her that we have to go.  

Even though we will be very busy on this trip we definitely will
 see them.  Can’t wait.   Danielle and Arvid have a special understanding 
between them. Have no idea what they were talking about but all
 I heard was laughter on both ends of the conversation.

Yesterday we also introduced Sniff to his new pet sitter. 
 His pet sitter is Tiffany.  My office manager at Almost Home.
  Both her and Sniff hit it off right away.  For that we’re happy.

A few things we want to do when we get back home. Definitely go
 to a few of our favorite restaurants.  Topping the list is Houston’s.  
Then PF Changs.  Since coming to Branson I have had
 more steak than I ever have had in my life.  

Definitely no steak this time if we can help it.  Unless of course 
we go out to eat with our Norwegian friends.  They like steak best. 
 Fingers crossed no steak!  Also no chicken wings.  Have
 had more than our fair share here in Branson as well.  
On Sunday we actually had it.  No more!!!

Sniff is as good as a kitty can be, and I am not looking forward to 
leaving him, but I know he will be well cared for.  Feel a little
 better about that.  Just a little. I will miss the little dude.

Another cold day begins for us.  This winter started off really cold.
 Colder than it has been in years according to the news reports. 
 Even so, we have not had any snow as yet.  No ice either on the roads. 
  As of now all is good and like I told Arvid, home for us is here in Branson. 
 Until the day we move back for good to Florida, this is home. Cold and everything.

Hope your year is going good so far and that it just keeps getting better and better.

Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell myself I'm 
strong because I have gone one more day without you...