Jan 17, 2018

Hello Wednesday ~

Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing...

Today we are suppose to have a cold but sunny day.  Meaning the snow 
should melt and we will finally be able to get out of the house. 
 As of right now that is still not happening.  Still below 
freezing and to top it all off, it has begun to snow again. 
 Lightly, but still not what was expected.

I gave Sniff his sweater this morning.  He was not too happy about that.
The only thing he was interested in was sniffing it.  It belonged to first
 Brutus, and then Shadow.  Guess Sniff was still able to smell them.

The above pictures are from our home front and back.  As of this minute
 all is still white, and the flurries keep coming.  My fingers are crossed that 
today we will be able to get out.  I am completely restless and feel the need to be
 at the work.  Arvid of course more relaxed about the entire set up.

On a totally different note, my niece Danielle was published in Amazon.
  The girl is just unbelievable.  Wicked talent is what she has.

And so begins another snow covered day here in Branson.

Sometimes our life has to be completely shaken up, changed,
 and rearranged to relocate us to the place we're meant to be...