Jan 25, 2018

Almost Home Lodge ~

It's not bragging when it's the truth. A dream doesn't become 
reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work... 

Featuring "my" hotel today.  Here in Branson we have been very 
fortunate to own one of the best extended stays (if not the best) in the area. 
 We must have done something right because, Arvid keeps getting
 inquiries as to what it is we did to make this happen.  

Pool at Almost Home
I know what we did.  We work hard and we always try to make sure everything
 is running well and is well maintained.  We also care about our tenants, many of 
whom I consider friends today.  Some of the kindest people we have met.
We treat our workers with respect and we get the same from them.

We are super selective at Almost Home.  Not everyone is allowed.  Like I have
told our maintenance/managers, I do not mind having an open room.  If the person does 
not meet our standards, that person is not welcome to be part of our family.

Have we made bad judgments?  Well who hasn't?  It's always part of the learning 
process.  When we started this business a little over a year ago, we had ZILCH 
experience about running a hotel.  Today I know we can take any hotel 
and make it better.  Question is do we wish to take on another hotel?

Being determined is what drives us to do better, and seeing the fruits of our 
hard work sure brings a smile to our faces.  Do we still have challenges ahead of us? 
 Better question is, who does not have challenges ahead?  Life in itself is
 a challenge.  Everyday. But every so often it is nice to take a step back 
and say, "boy have we gotten a lot accomplished in a year."

There are many a days we wish we could just stay in bed, 
but as we all know, determination is doing what needs 
to be done even when you don't feel like doing it.

I am extremely protective of everyone at Almost Home,
 and all I know is that when we were in Florida, I missed everyone
 and could not wait to come back home to Branson.

Good morning all.  It is soon time to start our day.

I believe success is achieved by ordinary people 
with extraordinary determination. Never let a stumble in the
 road be the end of the journey.  Dream BIG!!!...