Jan 22, 2018

Monday Again ~

Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm...

The weekend was great.  Weather was perfect. Almost shorts and t-shirt time.
Made for a very welcoming change after what we had a week ago.

Compared to our families, we were doing pretty good in the weather department.
Last night we had a heavy rainstorm with tornado warnings for many places.
 Luckily we are OK.  Will see how the hotel fared later in the morning.

The weekend also saw us taking out our maintenance/office couple and their
two boys to dinner.  The chicken wings were a hit and even Arvid had dessert.
 Here in Branson, Arvid seems to be enjoying much more of a variety in his meals.

If you haven't as yet.  Please check out my nephew's page.
Tie Dye Manatee   Hope your weekend was a great one, and that the week
ahead is an amazing one.  I am ready and looking forward to what it may bring.

For the next month and a half my parents are enjoying life in The Sunshine State.
They once called it home, just like two of my other sisters, but though they
 like it in the winter they do not seem too keen to move back permanently.

It's a new day and the grind continues.
It's Monday, time to sparkle and shine...