Jan 28, 2018

Early Sunday Morning ~

When life puts you in tough situations 
don't just say "why me" just say "try me"...

The past week has been one with many challenges.   Stressful and at 
times not good.  Hopefully the week ahead will be much better, 
and all the mistakes of last week will somehow be corrected.

Yesterday was a relaxing day for both of us.  I did not go in
 to work, and Arvid only popped in for a little over an hour.  We had 
lunch at home and most of the morning was spent watching soccer. 
 Not me, but Arvid and at times Sniff was watching as well.

It's Sunday morning and too early to be awake, yet here I am.  Wide awake
 having my cafe with Brutus and Shadow.  Sniff knows it's not wake
 up time as yet so he made a brief appearance and went back to bed. 
Smart kitty. Hopefully I will soon go back to bed and fall asleep.

We have had some beautiful days here.  I love, love the weather. 
 Never thought I would prefer the cold to the heat the way I do.  It just perfect.

Every day Sniff is endearing himself more and more to us.  
We have some kind of a  routine with him.  Sniff is a chatter 
and when he wants something he sure will let us know. 
 Soon Sniff will have been with us for 2 years.  

I think of our Brutus everyday.  His picture is the only picture we have 
hanging in our living room.  It's impossible to not "see" him everyday.  
I really really miss that kitty.  He was my baby. How I miss him.

 To this day I have not been able to think of Sniff as my baby,
 but I know it's coming.  We think of Shadow, but we try 
very hard not to go there.  That is just too much.

Almost 2am  Time to maybe try and get some sleep.
Both Arvid and Sniff are tucked in and sound asleep.  

When you start each day with a grateful heart, light illuminates from within.
Good morning.  When the world says, "give up" Hope whispers, "try one more time"...