Jan 4, 2018

Cold Everywhere ~

My favorite thing about winter?  When it's over.
Breaking news: Snow in Florida.  OH wait..that's sand...

Coldest front ever everywhere.  Even Florida. First thing yesterday 
morning my sister calls and says, “it’s raining ice here in Tampa.”  I go
 to work and my tenants tell me, “did you know it snowed in some
 parts of Florida.”   January’s weather can be tricky in Florida. 

Does tend to get a few very cold days, but still better than the freeze we
 are having here at home in Branson.  I woke up this morning and the
 fist thing I see is a text from a friend living in Fort Lauderdale. She said,
 "you choose the wrong time to come.  It's 39F (4C) in South Florida.

Arvid and Sniff are always bundled up at nights watching TV.  It’s cute
 to see sniff hop up and take his spot between Arvid’s legs every night.
 I’m definitely going to miss the little dude when we go to 
Florida.  I’ve grown accustomed to his cute face.

Yesterday I took my tenants and Arvid out to lunch. Everyone said
 “Steak and Shake” because “they have the best milkshakes.”  
Definitely the best. Everyone had a milkshake there are
 flavors I never knew existed, but they did.

Good morning all.  It's cold, but it sure is a beautiful day here in Branson.

Today's forecast Holy Smokes, I cant feel my face degrees.  Wherever you go,
 no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine...