Sep 22, 2018

Best Of Times ~

Doing what you like is freedom.
Liking what you do is happiness...

We are here and it feels so good.  What a sunset!
This was from our last apartment. I'm still amazed.

The pool in the building has one of the most spectacular views, and at
nights it's even better.  The city lights up and transports you to a magical
 place.  You can understand now why we like this building so much.

We may not have much time to enjoy all of the amenities,
 but definitely the hoot tub will be used.  Arvid has never stopped
 talking how much he misses using the hot tub.  Our apartment
in Florida has none.  In Branson he always "threatened"
to buy one.  I always protested.  Did NOT want one.

Lot to do.  Unpacking as much as we can to make the place
comfortable and safe for when Sniff comes back with us next
summer.  Poor Sniff so many changes, but at least he will have
 close to a year to "adjust" before getting on a plane again.

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you all a great day.
  Life is good and we plan to continue the adventure.

Work hard to get what you like, otherwise you 
will be forced to just like what you get.  In the end
 we only regret the chances we didn't take...