Sep 6, 2018

Florida Bound ~ Sept 6th

The biggest adventure you can ever 
take is to live the life of your dreams..

A new adventure begins for Sniff.  Life in the Sunshine State.

Today Sniff and I go back to Florida.  Without Arvid.  
I am taking Sniff to his "new home.  Travelling with Sniff is not
 easy.  At least the initial part of the getting ready.  Sniff HATES 
the carrier.  He just gets totally traumatized when he sees it.

Not sure what happened when he was a baby, but Arvid 
and I have a few theories.  None are good, so we rather 
not go there.  Brutus was easier, on the other hand Brutus was a 
traveller as my mom likes to say.  Sniff will also get there,
 at least 2 times every year he will be travelling.

I don't look forward to doing this trip alone, but when Sniff
 came to Branson we also did it alone.  Arvid waited and had it
 all ready for him.  Same with Florida Arvid has already set up Sniff's 
"room"  I am actually looking forward to seeing if he remembers where

 everything is.  For sure I know he will love sitting on the top of his
 condo and checking things out.  Tonight will be interesting.  
Looking forward to see what the rest of the day holds, and hoping that
 the flight with Sniff is a smooth one and that Sniff is not too stressed.

A "new" beginning is here again for the 3 of us. As we know, 
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

But there's a beginning in an end, you know? It's true 
that you can't reclaim what you had, but you
 can lock it up behind you. Start fresh...