Sep 7, 2018

We Made It ~

Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, 
and rearranged to relocate us to the place we are meant to be...

Hello all.  Sniff and I made it safe and 
sound back to Fort Lauderdale, home. 

All things considered, Sniff did pretty OK in the plane. 
 He did howl a few times, but mostly he was quiet. 
 Clearing security with him was also pretty easy we 
went into a room, and there Sniff was allowed to
 come out of his carrier while t was X-rayed.  

The worst part was when we left home in Branson,
 and in the car to the airport. Sniff made some loud strange 
sounds.  Just happy this “ordeal” is over for both of us.

He has been a very busy boy.  Not much sleep for either one of us, 
but on the other hand he is discovering all his favorite spots all over again.

Can't wait to see how the day goes by.  Sniff is already
 starting to wear himself out.  After all, he has been busy from
 the moment we arrived.  A Little strange in the start, but
 that's only to be expected.  Now it seems he has 
a hang of his "new" place.  Happy about that.

A busy day awaits us here.  Lots to do, so time
 to get busy.  Time to get Sniff acquainted 
with his new surroundings all over again.

One of the hardest things that has ever been 
required of us was the day that we had to let go as
the angels carried you up to heaven.

Every moment that changes your life changes
 who you are.  Sometimes what you're looking for
 comes when you're not looking at all...