Sep 4, 2018

Tuesday September 4th..

A very wise man once told me that you can't look back, 
you just have to put the past behind you, and 
find something better in your future...

Going back to Florida and back to our home is looking better,
 and better everyday.  Whereas before we had no immediate family
 living there, I suddenly have my sister and husband living in Tampa. 
 We definitely plan on making a few visits there.  At least
 when I have not much going on. I  will.

In Naples we have Max, my eldest nephew.  Since graduating,
 and becoming a doctor in Physical Therapy, Max has been
 living in Naples and practicing there.  He said that now he has 
his own apartment, we can visit and hang out a lot.  
Dr. Dyal, we will hold you to your word.

For almost a year now, our nephew J has been living in Miami. 
 We visited him in May when we went to Florida and, we will 
definitely see him more when we move back.  He's not
 that far, so hopefully he will be visiting us as well.

We are used to always living on our own.  Meaning we 
have not had much family close by since my parents
 and 2 sisters and family left Florida.

Back in Norway everyone lives fairly in close proximities, 
so one has the option of going  to this family or that family in
 ones free time.  I am glad we have always lived a little far from 
everyone.  Even though I like going to family stuff, I do not
 want to spend my every weekend just visiting family.

I must admit to missing very much our two little granddaughters
 as well.  I miss all my nieces and nephews.  In Branson
 it seemed like were are so far from everyone.

I am beyond excited for October to come.  That's when we
 go to California and Las Vegas.  I will see my sister Rima and family. 
 How I miss them.  I miss my youngest niece Lilly Vade 
so much.  She talks to me on the phone and I melt.

Some days I miss being around family very much,
but then there are others days when we are happy we do
 not live close to any.  From my experience, being
 too close to family is a recipe for disaster.

  This I know from personal experience and from seeing
 what happens to many when living too close to family.  Right now
though, I am happy to have some family living close by.

Yesterday I was back at Almost Home.  Seeing some
 of my favorite tenants one last time.  Seeing my tenants cry was
 more than I could take.  This is a bittersweet time for me.  I am ready to
move on, at the same time I am sad to leave behind so many I care for.

They say life can be bittersweet,
but only you control the sugar.

Bittersweet memories may hurt, but they've made us who we are.
We can never go back, but we won't trade the memories for anything...