Sep 18, 2018

I'm Home But ~

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep 
your balance, you must keep moving...

Back in Branson, but now without Sniff it no longer feels
 like home.  Sniff is already settled in, well mostly settled in back 
at home  in Florida.  After all this time he sure got the
 hang of where everything was.  Real fast.

As we drove around, there are a few things here I will
 miss seeing.  Aside from Almost Home and my tenants/friends,
 I will miss a few sights.  These sights became part of my daily
 commute to work for almost two years.  One of my favorites 
is the Branson ferris wheel.  No matter how often I 
passed it, I almost always had to take a picture.

Today Arvid and I pack the truck in preparation for 
our move from Branson to Chicago.  Yes, first stop is Chicago 
where in the next couple of days I will see for the first time
 our apartment.  The one Arvid bought without
 my knowledge.  Should be interesting.

The last time we bought an apartment in Chicago, of course 
we both saw it.  We went a week ahead without Brutus to fix it
 up and make it kitty safe for him.  It would be the last time
 Brutus travelled.  This was in September of 2015.

After the apartment was ready, I then went back home to
 Florida for Brutus.  Was gone only a few days.  When I got back to 
Chicago, Arvid had already put the apartment we just bought up
 for sale, and bought another one.  He claimed the first one did
 not have the right view.  Said "this one is more our style."

Brutus had a few weeks in his new home in Chicago, we then 
went back home to Florida and he died November 5th.

Today is a busy day for us here in Branson.  I am already looking
 forward to going back home to Sniff.  I miss the little dude and
 without him we are not complete.  The house is way too quiet.

As I had my cafe in the morning it did not feel the same.
  Little Sniff was not around to keep me company.  As I left
him yesterday he was fast asleep. I got a text early
this morning.  His new pet sitter was already there.
She goes in twice a day.  Happy for that.

To all a very good day and may you always live in interesting times.
They say life changes, but memories as you know don't.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and 
doing new things, because we're curious and 
curiosity keeps leading us down new paths...