Sep 17, 2018

Feeling A Little Sad Today ~

Your emotions make you human. Even the unpleasant
 ones have a purpose. Don't lock them away. If you 
ignore them, they just get louder and angrier...

I am very conflicted right now.  I am happy to be going home.
 But I am home.  I hate leaving Sniff on his own, but we 
will be back soon.  Home is where the 3 of us are.

Sniff has gotten to be a little more familiar with his Florida home.
  He has already rediscovered his favorite spots.  Aside from 
under the bed, where he never used to go before,
 he loves it best on his condo.  From the top he 
sees everything, but mostly he sleeps.

I have had a very relaxing time with Sniff.  We had no 
agenda and we never had to rush from place to place. Peaceful. 
I ate whenever I wanted.  Did not follow a "schedule" for
 anything.  I visited many of the places I so much enjoyed 
and I even revisited our old stomping grounds.  

Downtown Fort Lauderdale sure has gone through some big
 changes, and it's still going through changes.  Will be interesting 
to see.  Everywhere new buildings are popping up.  Never knew 
there was still so much space left to be built on.  Not only in 
the downtown areas, but everywhere in general.

I enjoyed eating out at a few of my favorite places.  
Saw a few movies and did whatever it is I wanted without
 having to rush or feel pressured.  It was good.  Enjoyed the quiet 
times with Sniff.  Mornings were beautiful seeing the sunrise 
while having my cafe.  I thought of Brutus and Shadow a lot.

Now it's time to go home again.  Soon my Branson
days will be a thing of the past.  Like I told Arvid
 this morning, I will be missing some of Branson.
 A piece of my heart will always be in Branson.

As I go home to Branson for the last time, I am also 
sad because I leave Sniff.  For him it is still a "strange" place.  
He sure does not understand what happened to his window
 sills, the birds and his favorite places at home.

  Sniff is already home in Florida where soon Arvid and I will be.  
Here is to good times to come again.  The next few days will 
be very busy ones for us.  Loading a truck.  Closing on the
 sale of our house in Branson, moving to Chicago into our
 new apartment and then heading back to Florida.

As the new week begins I wish everyone happy times.
 Call me crazy, but right now I am sad at the thought
of leaving my Branson home.  Go figure.

The heart is a strange beast and not ruled by logic.
There is no market for your emotions, spo never 
advertise your feelings just display your attitude...