Nov 18, 2022

Friday November 18th ~

 The secret to life is knowing how to make the bad 
times good and the good times unforgettable...

Once a month we have what's called Music Walk downtown 
Fort Myers.  Best part is that we can hear the music from 
our balcony and it's just a short walk to get there. 
 Definitely liking our new neighborhood a lot.

We have already experienced it once already, and it was very good.  
We sure made the right move.  As far as the music scene goes, 
the Blues has moved more to the West Coast, so have we πŸ˜‚

Waking up to a chilly morning.  Chilly for SWFL that is.  I like it 
because I know soon it will warm up.  This year winter came early.  Last
 year in Branson we were still sitting outdoors until the end of December.
  Now it's 31F (-0.6C) with lows of 21F (-6C).  Way too cold to be there.

Thanksgiving is soon upon us.  Then comes Christmas
 and next thing you know it's 2023.  Where did this year go
 by so fast?  As my sister said, "2022 you can just buzz off."
Goof morning all and a great weekend to all.  Make it count.

May your weekend be filled with positive thoughts,
 kind people, and happy moments...