Nov 7, 2022

Monday November 7th ~

The most attractive man is a hard working man...

And with just those few words, I described Arvid.
Both Sniff and I are getting a little "worried" because 
Arvid has been working non-stop.  Does not matter what it is,
 but he constantly finds something to do.  Making me look
 bad now because even on a good day, I don't do this much
 fussing about to stay busy πŸ˜• Of course Sniff follows him
 everywhere and most of the time gets in the way πŸ˜‚

He goes with me to the grocery store to help push the cart and
 to carry the groceries up to the unit. Can't wait to do it alone again πŸ˜‚. 
 The other day he was fussing with the Jukebox.  Due to all our moves,
 there were issues.  With some drilling he fixed the problem 😌.

As the new week begins, I begin to go to doctors.  I keep
 telling myself to be patient and to not get upset with all the calls 
and all the different "things" in store for me.  It's a process
 and it needs to happen.  I tell myself that often.

While Arvid and Sniff run circles around each other, I sit 
back and watch.  Pretty good show πŸ˜‚, but in all honesty, 
Arvid is a good caretaker.  I am not totally unable to do everything, 
but even though I don't seem to hurt, it sure makes me exhausted.  
That was last week.  This is a brand new week and sure looking good.

The cleanup of the boats is still a work in progress here 
in Fort Myers, but little by little pile by pile it is getting done. 
 We get the best view.  Keeps us always with something 
to look at even Sniff, when he's not sleeping.

May this week bring us all closer to our goals, and may we 
find happiness and joy in the simple things in life.

If the simple things in life don't make
 you smile then you'll never be happy...