Nov 17, 2022

Thursday November 17th ~

 There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy...

Yesterday we drove to Fort Lauderdale.  We started
 early in the morning almost three hours after we go to our 
destination.  I completely forgot how bad traffic is at that hour.
  I sure sympathize with all of you who do this on a daily basis.  It was
 not a pleasant start of the day.  Can't imagine doing this everyday.

Returning back home to Fort Myers not not any better.
  It took us close to another 3 hours.  A total of six hours driving. 
 Of course the times we started and returned were not the best.  
One thing for sure, the sunset was beautiful.

Once there we could not help but fall in love with the beauty of the
 place all over again.  Fort Lauderdale is absolutely a gorgeous place.  

For now we like it in Fort Myers.  Yesterday was along 
day and at the end of it I told Arvid that this much driving is not
 worth it to just go to a favorite restaurant of ours.  Thank 
goodness we also had other things to take care of.

To all a very good day.  A late start today, but 
the day is still young and it's a beautiful one. 

I am thankful for all my life experiences...