Nov 10, 2022

Thursday November 10th ~ Little This Little That

 You cannot expect to live a positive life with a
 negative mind.  Negative people need drama like oxygen.  
Stay positive, it will take their breath away...

Tropical Storm Nicole, picture from yesterday 
 No one needs another storm right now.  It was 
just dark, but pretty.  It didn't come this way. 

Check the link.  The storm did cause flooding in 
several areas.  One being Fort Lauderdale Beach.

I know a few people who overthink everything.  I fall into
 that category at times, but I never let overthinking make me 
into a negative person.  I always try to see the positive in every 
situation.  Many only see the negative in everything.  No matter 
what you say, what you do it all comes back negative from them.

There is nothing that wears you down than hearing negativity
 all day long.  It can ruin friendships, at least drag it down.  It can 
ruin relationships.  Happy to say that Arvid is always a positive 
person/influence in my life and I know I am the same in his.

Arvid and I have been together for 22 years, married for 21. 
 Like all couples, we have had and will continue to have ups
 and downs.  That's life, but at the same time we have each 
others best interest at heart and together we are good.

  Arvid is my soulmate, and I would have it no other way. 
 There is no one in this world I would rather spend forever
 with than this man right by my side.  And no, we do 
not agree on everything, and that is a good thing.

 According to him I'm opinionated.  Also according to
 him I keep him laughing and guessing every minute of the day.  
As far as I am concerned he's the funniest man I know, even
 though he does not realize it at times, that's even funnier.

Arvid is my second chance at love in this life. 
 We have been through so much, done so many "crazy"
 fun, adventurous and at times borderline risky things, but what 
a journey it has been.  I look forward to so much more together.

The first time I saw Arvid with Brutus, I knew he will 
be my forever.  If the way you treat an animal says anything
 about you, then watching him with Brutus and now with Sniff 
 showed me what he was all about 💜.  That's the man I love. 
 The kind, patient, caring and determined man.  He never gives 
up and together we can accomplish whatever we set out to do. 
 We may not always succeed, but we never give up nor give in.

The last few years I have forgotten our anniversary and
 a few other special dates.  Not Arvid.  He always remembers, and 
he waits to see if I will.  Until at the end he will tell me.  Today 
I remember 💞and so together we built a life we love.

True love exists when both partners believe they
 are getting the better end of the bargain...