Nov 27, 2022

Sunday November 27th ~

 Every moment is a fresh beginning...

Sniff knows exactly what to do to make Arvid do his bidding. 
 It's not as if Arvid complains either.  According to him, it gives him
 a chance to get up and move around a little.  Everyone is happy.

Arvid used to take Brutus with him when he took out the trash. 
 He now does it with Sniff.  There is no way Sniff and get out because
 we have our own "private" elevator.  Meaning no one else can get
 off on our floor.  Sniff enjoys time in this little foyer and has
 his favorite bench there.  It was also Brutus' bench.  Shadow 
never had enough time to have a favorite of anything. 

Three soccer matches on today so it will be "busy" for Arvid.
  Sniff will watch and nap together with his dada.  I will catch up on 
some reading.  Works for us.  To all a good day and time to start 
getting ready for Christmas.  November is just about over.

Don’t settle for what life gives you; make
 life better and build something...