Jan 18, 2013

He's Home...

Home is the place that goes where you go, yet it welcomes you upon your return. Like a dog overjoyed at the door. We've missed you is what you hear, no matter how long you've been gone.

After three nights and almost four days, Arvid is finally home.  Right now, he is asleep in our own bed, and Brutus was  on the bed with us almost all night long.  Back to normal.  Reason to celebrate.

As we got home last night, Brutus was right at the door waiting for us.  It was as if he knew his dada was coming home today and he was right at the door waiting to greet him.  Only thing is the smell of hospital was not much to his liking, but as soon as Arvid showered, Brutus was all over him.

Finally it feels like home again.  The three of us back together.  The last three nights were difficult for all of us.  Brutus looked everywhere for Arvid and finally and when he could not find him he just left the bedroom. When Arvid is in the bed Brutus sleeps with us.  Really he sees Arvid as his mama.

Since coming home Brutus has not left his side.  Follows him around and just stays close to Arvid.  Seems like he is protecting him from harm.  Before Arvid went to the hospital he got very dizzy.  Brutus was the only one home with  him .  Brutus realized something was not right and started meowing non stop until Arvid regained his balance.  Arvid  now calls Brutus his Guardian Angel.

Life is good.  We are all together at home.  Now to take it nice and easy for a few months.   Yes it has been a good day.  One of the best incentives to get better is Arvid's brother and Siv's visit.  Talking to his brother today has given Arvid that extra push he needed.   He said "I am really looking forward to Siv and Vidar's visit."  Yes, I know this will cheer him up.
Thank you all for the kindness 
you show towards Brutus and Arvid.
It is really appreciated.  Hopefully, now it will only be smooth sailing.

Remember, there is nothing like being at home for real comfort.
Welcome home my dear, we missed you too much!

Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.