Jan 21, 2013

House Cleaning...

A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework...
Cleaning... we all have to do it, whether it's spring cleaning 
or just your regular unload-the-dishwasher-for-the-fifth-time-today cleaning.  
You're not the only one who finds cleaning to be less than thrilling...

 What better time to take inventory of what you have at home than after the holidays.  Since you will be getting raid of the tree and some other stuff what better time to also spruce up things a bit.  Here according to the experts at Better Homes and Gardens are a few things you should consider tossing out:
Worn out pillows can mess with your neck, spine, and deprive you of sleep every night. Replace good, quality pillows every 2-3 years, and less expensive synthetic pillows once a year. Want to make them last longer? Buy a pillow protector. “For $5 to $20, you can find a great, quality pillow protector in many stores.
Your mattress needs to be replaced every 5-10 years.  If it’s visibly saggy or lumpy, consider replacing it sooner!
When it’s time to clean out your closet, it’s too easy to be conservative and shy away from tossing stuff you haven’t worn in a while. Just do it! Adhere to the two-year rule by getting rid of anything you have not worn in two years.  I should definitely do this.  Every so often I do give bags and bags of clothing and shoes to the Salvation Army.  Today is a good day to do some sorting again.
Toss bras that are more than a year old because they lose elasticity and support. While bras can be pricey, take advantage of the deals that stores have this month.  Here I cand definitely toss a few away.  It's just so difficult to toss away my Victoria Secret bras especially since they still are in good condition.  Even if some are over two years old.  Hmmm.. these I will hold on to.
Running shoes

Replace them every 300-500 miles.  When the back of the sole is noticeably uneven and you can easily bend the sneakers in half, that means they have lost the proper support you need.  Don’t even walk in them, say the experts.  Definitely agree here.  When it comes to shoes I make sure my feet are protected. Having problem feet means my shoes are fairly expensive and they last long.  I do replace my sneakers when they look pretty ratty.  
Makeup brushes
Good, quality makeup brushes need to be replaced every three years.  To maintain them, wash them - weekly - with mild dishwasher soap, and lay flat to dry. The best, affordable makeup brushes can be picked up at Target.  A Sonia Kashuk set is about $11.
Though I like MAC  products, I do have a couple of Sonia Kashuk brushes and they are fairly good.
Definitely replace mascara every 3 to 6 months, otherwise your eyes will eventually itch and will always be red and watery.  They say to replace lipstick, foundations, sunscreen,  and creams once a year.  I don't and so far have never had a problem. 

Bath loofahs
Do away with bath loofahs altogether! They’re especially prone to bacterial growth and you have to replace them every 1-2 months. Consider an alternative like light nylon washcloths, which easily lather up and dry - fully - within hours.  You can get them on Amazon for about $5.  Agree here loofahs also smell after a while.  I like the nylon gloves.
time to toss stuff away
Spices, which need to be kept away from your oven and stored in a cool, dry place like your pantry, need to be replaced every year.  Just do the sniff test: if there is no aroma, there is no taste.  I replace when the spice is done.  Never before unless of course it has turned green or something very obvious is going on.
Cookie sheets and baking pans
Are your cookie sheets and baking pans no longer shiny? Say goodbye! Old pans don’t cook as evenly.  Mine do and mine stays.

Smoke detector batteries and HVAC filters
Replace them every 6 months.
If it were up to Arvid he would rip it off because once a year it is tested and the noise is more than he and Brutus can handle.

Now it's up to you to decide if you want to toss out some of your stuff.
I will give it a try, mainly clothes and shoes, but no guarantees here. Last time I did it was a month ago so I am hoping not to have too much more stuff that needs to be tossed out.
I have also gone through Arvid's and Brutus' stuff.

Brutus has given tons of toys to the vet's office.  Two almost new drinking fountains.  Lots of unused litter, food and treats he does not eat.

Well time to get moving and see what we can get raid of.
Hope your day is good and 
maybe you also find stuff you don't use.

Remember just because you don't need them does not mean someone else can't use it.  Be kind and give it to someone who can benefit from it.
It feels good to know you are doing a good deed.

Call me a fashion disaster, but I refuse to disregard 1/2 my wardrobe just cause some fool said white wasn't okay after labor day, 
and just because I have not used some of my favorite items in years...