Jan 5, 2013

Just Arvid...

I love him and that's the beginning and end of everything...

Lately it seems as if I have been going back and forth to doctors.  Not a favorite thing of mine but yes necessary at times.  Lately it has all been due to Arvid and Brutus.  Poor thing he suffers occasionally from really terrible back problems and leg cramps.  Mostly he just ignores these pains, but recently it has been more painful than usual and a few trips to our doctor was required.

 Arvid is not the easiest of persons, and especially when hurting.  No one is easy when in pain, but at least most will do something about it.  Not him.  He refuses to take a painkiller or anything that would make him feel better.  Not easy at all.  

When it's time to go to the doctor, it is I who make the arrangements and he refuses to go without me.  I don't mind.  He even refuses to go into the examination room without me.  He says to me, "you can tell the doctor better what's going on with me."   He's right!

As usual each time we go he has to get weighed.  Of course it is never that he has gained a few pounds.  No, he always says the scale is not working and causes a fuss.  At one time he said it could be his sweater.  It weighed all of half a pound if so much.

Let me just say, life with Arvid is never routine.  No sir!  Always something unexpected.  Most times I don't mind, but occasionally I think a "normal" life could also be interesting.  Will never know what "normal" is I guess.
Today the girl had to do some blood work as part of the check up.  This was not to his liking so he told her he would rather lay down just in case...

Back home I said to Arvid, "you don't know how lucky you are that I love you and that I put up with all of your nonsense.  I actually used another word (s***t)."  He looks at me and he says, "you know I love you and that you are the only one for me."

When he wants to he knows exactly how to use words and to get me smiling again.  That's his charm.  Arvid can make me smile and laugh like no one else.  He says I do the same for him.  
Brutus just had his surgery....next???

Sometimes we need to grip on to the handle bars, 
hold them tightly and know that the ride were 
on is taking us to the place we are meant to be...