Jan 16, 2013

New Day...

Best way to start off your day is with a smile and appreciate you're alive cause somewhere else someone is fighting for their life...

New morning.  New day, and many possibilities ahead.
Time to think positive and to figure out what we can do so that both Arvid and Brutus heal faster..
The sun will soon be shining and the day looks promising.  That's a great start.
I have "wasted" hours on tears and anger.
Probably more to come, but for now it is time to make decisions and get on the road towards recovery.

 Yes, Brutus has some things going on right now, but the doctor gave us hope and as of now amputation is not needed. 
Another week of antibiotic shots for Brutus
These leave him lethargic and all mopey.  Kind of depressed.

 Sundays, he has no shots.   It is his day off, and boy he sure loves having a "vacation" day.  He still gets the spray twice a day, but that does not seem to wear him out.  I feel positive and I look forward to knowing more of what is going on with him.

I always tell everyone that hope is the last thing to lose.  Today I need to listen to myself.  I need to believe that everything will be OK.  I will not just sit around, but I will participate in making everything OK.

I know that if one wants help one must also be willing to do something about it.
We are ready for the days new challenge.

Have a good day everyone and if for some reason you find you have a little extra time in your also very busy world,  please send good vibes our way.
We need all the encouragement right now as does our little Brutus.

Thank you and hope your day is great.

It's another day. It's another beautiful day! Life is a matter of perspective. No matter what the weather, no matter what the situation we are in, if we have the right perspective in life, life will always be beautiful!