Jan 7, 2013

Rough Days....

Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed...

So far the New Year has not been so good.  It actually started pretty rough.  First Brutus got an infection that never healed.  This led to surgery and lots of stress and anxiety on poor kitty. It has been a few very uncomfortable days for him and he is definitely not a happy camper.

In a way it is kinda funny to see him hobbling along on three paws, but then I get sad for him and we both try to make things as comfortable as we can.  So far he is as comfortable as he can get.  Only problem is that I am awake around the clock just watching him and making sure he does not injure himself even more.

He's good and is trying his best to cope with three paws.  Using the litter is difficult and I sit with him for a long time next to the littler just waiting for him to go.  So far it is working.  I am sleep deficient, and I think in these last few days I have a better understanding what new parents go through.  Sleepless nights are not fun!

His best moments are those when Arvid sings to him and pets him.  Seems they both relax and have a good time.  Nothing gets in the way of their routines :)

As if this were not enough, Arvid is also having a minor surgery today.  My two babies will be not at their best, and of course I will do whatever I can to make their lives more comfy.  Did I mention I also have a bad cold and the flu?

Among all this not so good stuff going on, we did get some pretty good news.  Arvid's brother and his girlfriend will hopefully be visiting us this February.  We have a great time with them and both Arvid and I look forward to seeing them and spending time with them.

First my sister and kids, then my parents and now Arvid's brother and girlfriend.  Yes, this is good news and definitely something to look forward to.

Even though we have encountered with a few bumps since the year has started, I know it will get better.
Brutus will be healed.  Arvid will be pain free and a cold goes away.
Yes, we are fortunate and I look forward to 2013 and all that it promises.

 May the face of every good news and the back of every bad news be towards us...