Feb 22, 2014

Better Everyday...

Everyday is a good day. 
Some are just better than others...

I was so excited about doing so good after surgery that it never occurred to me that 
the pain might come on later on in full force.  Unfortunately that's the case at least right now. 
Yesterday was a breeze compared to now.  Yesterday I was still completely numb so I really
did not feel much.  Today everything is taking much longer.  Took me about 10 minutes to 
just get out of the bed all by myself.  Yes, I want to do it all alone without much help.

Arvid as usual is always right there ready to assist.  He has done everything so far
to make me comfortable and pain free.  Overall I had quite a good day.
Woke up still feeling good.  My parents and sisters visited and  brought
me a lot of foodies.  Since I can't eat too much solids there is a lot of soups
to choose from.  All my favorites.  I did make lunch for Arvid.  With his help.

Towards the evening the pain kicked in.  I did something I am not used to doing.
I napped in the middle of the day, and it felt really good.  When I woke up Brutus
and Arvid were lying right next to me.  Arvid just watching and Brutus stretching.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can move freely again.  Boy we take such
little things for granted.  I never thought that I was not going to be able to
get out of the bed on my own.  Who thought that just a little showering could
wear you out this much?  Sure not me.  It's like you have to relearn
everything you already knew.  For me right now many things are baby steps, but I 
also know that with every passing day I am getting stronger and better.

Cheers everyone to better days ahead!

Today I am excited about everything.
Life is about moving on, accepting changes and looking
 forward to what makes you stronger and more complete...