Feb 18, 2014

Day Before...

Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little

everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human....

Getting excited already.  Two of my sisters arrive later today.  How lucky can a girl get?
Parents have been here for over a month, now my sisters coming and soon Victoria
will also be here.  Yep.. feeling good and feeling fortunate to be surrounded by family.

Yesterday was chores day.  Tons of things I had to do before the big day.  Today
I just plan to relax, take it easy and enjoy some quality time with family.

Everything is set for Wednesday.  At the urging of my parents and sisters, I even packed
a bag to take with me to the hospital.  In it I have socks, don't want my feet cold and
I have a nice soft blanket.  Hospital blankets are a joke.  Thin and hard.

You can say I am ready.  Everything for Brutus has been cleaned and stocked.
Although Arvid  did not want me to make him any dinners, he is also 
stocked with goodies in the fridge Said he could not just sit in.  
He had to be on the move.  He gets restless just sitting waiting.

So far I am feeling good and ready to go.  Again I wish to say thank you
to everyone who sent me cards, called, texted, emailed etc.  
Very much appreciated.  Thank you, thank you...

Kindness the most valuable gift you can give
 to someone or that someone can give to you...