Feb 6, 2014

Good Laugh...

You marry because you lack of judgement, and divorce because you lack of patience, 
and you remarry because you lack of good memories...

Tell me who would not welcome a good laugh everyday?  I know for sure I would rather be 
laughing that stressing about things.  That's why today I have found a few "good laughs" for all of us.

Now if you are a twin you can definitely relate to this.  I have twin cousins and
let me just say they have done it all and have had laughs at everyone's expense.

Sometimes being over educated can make you miss the point.

Good morning everyone.  
Yesterday I went to renew my drivers license.  I was
asked many questions all to which I answered truthfully (of course).  But then 
I said to the girl, "how do you know that me or anyone else is telling the truth"?
She looked at me and said, "you are under oath you know"  I said well that's good
because I'm sure everyone when they know they are under oath will definitely not lie.

At least I got my license renewed.  We had lunch with my parents and I had
a pretty good outing with them at the mall.  Had a very nice day. This being Florida we
had heavy rains inn the early evening with the skies black as can be.  Nice being home
and cozying up with Arvid and Brutus just listening to the rain fall.  Actually a pretty sight.

Wishing you all a good day.  Stay warm and dry.
Remember some people feel the rain others just get wet.
Which one are you?   As someone said, if I had no sense of humor, 
I would long ago have committed suicide...

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at 
different speeds.  A sense of humor is common sense dancing...