Feb 21, 2014

I'm Home...

Going home and spending time with your family 
and your real friends keeps you grounded....

The best feeling ever!  I'm home with the ones love.  
Yesterday after almost trying to bribe my way out of the hospital, the doctor
finally showed up.  For a good three minutes.  Looks at me and says, "you look
like you are ready to go home."  I said to her that that's exactly what I have been telling 
everyone all day long.  Anyway, did not want to argue with the good doctor so I thanked her.

Hospital stays are no fun whatsoever.  One is hooked up to all sorts of contraptions.
The food is not so desirable, that is if you can even eat much.  In my case at least I was
able to have yogurt and more yogurt.  Yeah the milk was also good with the medication.

My favorite time was ordering room service.  Unfortunately, all I could manage to 
eat or rather drink was the chicken broth.  Did try to eat the tuna salad, but hurt my stomach.
Now a few days home and I will start to feel better,  Just being with Arvid and Brutus is good.

Again, thank you everyone for your kindness and concerns.
First surgery is done with.  Time to recover and wait for surgery number 2.
Feeling good.  Hurts some, I move slowly but am glad to see another day....

Waking up to another day is a blessing.
Don't take it for granted.  Make it count  and be happy you are alive....