Feb 28, 2014

Brutus...Hurting Again

 Pets are our close companions because they provide love, comfort, safety, 
warmth, happiness, levity, wonder, laughter, and friendship. Pets teach us to have
 more patience  with life and to enjoy the simple things...

When Brutus is hurting and there is nothing we can think of to do to make him feel better 
is about the worst feeling I can have.  At least if Arvid is hurting or I am hurting,
we can communicate with each other.  Brutus just sits in a corner and if he comes
out of his hiding spot he just stares at us as if asking, "why don't you do 
something so that I can be better?"

Yesterday was pretty bad.  All of his cuts are starting to open up again.They are oozing 
and  as one doctor recommended, I soaked a cloth in some cold water and antibacterial soap
 and just cleaned the wounds.  Even before I touched his paw,Brutus pulled back and as I 
applied the cold cloth he literally screamed.  Yesterday and the day before he was hidden
behind some of my clothes all the way in the closet.  A spot he has not used before.
Took us quite a long time to find him.  He stayed there most of the day, unless he was
hungry in which case he showed up.  He ate then went back in his hideaway.

That tells me he is really hurting.  He has not used his scratching pad which
he loves.  He has not followed Arvid around much, which is also his pass time.

This morning he woke up and slept with us for a little on the bed.  His usual routine.
He is also as of right now is not in hiding so that's good, but the paw is looking
gruesome and  I am afraid to apply the wet cloth for fear of hurting him.

Today we go yet to another doctor.  This doctor was recommended by
a friend who said that his doggie was saved thanks to the unique treatments given
by the doctor.  Supposedly the doctor blends modern medicine with a little bit of
holistic treatment.  Right now we are so open to suggestions.  If there is anyone out there
who has any suggestions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

You can INBOX me to:nadiyas@gmail.com or you can inbox me via Facebook.
I know you all care for Brutus. You have all been here for him, for us throughout this
 entire process and I do appreciate the kindness you have shown and the recommendations
 you have always given me.  Today we are still looking for suggestions for his care and
for a treatment.  Has anyone seen something like this?  Please Please let me know.

For now he's not yet hiding.  Both Arvid and I are just looking at him and
trying to anticipate what he wants and needs.  I do not want to leave him alone
I am probably over cautious, but that's how I am.  Our baby is hurting and
I am sad because I cannot stop his pain.  What does that say about me?
Soon it's time to take him to the vet.  Hoping always for a miracle!!!

For now wising you all a good day.  Remember our pets may not be able to talk to
us, but they definitely know how to tell us what's going on in many other ways.
The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but "Can they suffer?

The universe is big, its vast and complicated, and ridiculous. 
And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. 
And that's the theory. Nine hundred years, never seen one yet, but I will never give up.
Maybe it's soon time for a little miracle to work its wonders for us....