Aug 19, 2014

Catching Up.....

How we spend our days is,
 of course, how we spend our lives...

Monday morning was catching up day.  Lots of mail to sort through. Tons, and honestly 
most were bills from the doctors and the hospitals.  Suddenly I feel buried in bills.
  Have to see what we will do about that, but for now there are other 
things that also need to be sorted and taken care of as well.

Back to our routines.  Brutus and I wake up early and have some time to do whatever it is we like. 
 He loves being brushed and that he gets lots of.  Coffee time in the mornings are relaxing
 and quiet as we watch the sunrise.  Always a pretty site.

Yesterday I finally got the opportunity to talk to Liliana and to thank her for all she 
does for Brutus.  Liliana spends over 4 hours at a time with him and for that we will
 forever be grateful.  Brutus also was being cared for by Wendy... from
 Angels-Pet-Sitting-Service   Can't thank her enough also for the care she
 gives to Brutus.  His paw was actually looking
 better than when we left.  Could not ask for more.

What did make us sad was when Liliana told us that Brutus cried all the time.  She said he
 was so sad that it always broke her heart to leave him.  Said that when she left she could 
hear him crying as she closed the door.  Hearing this made me sad and very guilty.

Have already done at least 10 loads of laundry.  Most were linens for Brutus.  When we left
 to go to Norway, I left about 10 sleeping spots for him.  Now I'm still folding towels 
and sheets.  Brutus is fussy.  He likes clean linens every 3 days. At least I think he 
does so I give it to him.  Here he is laying on some of the ones I just laundered.

Come the afternoon, Arvid and I decide to take a walk to a friends home.  Boy was that a bad idea.
  As soon as we stepped out of the door I was already soaking wet from head to toes,
 but we were already out so we continued.  Gotta tell you it is not a pleasant
 thing right now to take a walk.  The humidity and the heat is a killer.

On Sunday we went out to eat and usually we prefer sitting outdoors, but in the 
summertime in Florida that is a definite NO-NO.  We sat inside and we had a good time.  
Sunday we were extremely exhausted and went to bed early.  9:30 compared to our usual 11pm.  
For Arvid to do this you know he was also beat.  I think that by Monday we were pretty 
much back to being caught up with the jet lag.  All I know is that I am happy to
 be in the same time zone as the rest of my family.  ~USA~

In Norway because of the time difference, when we were awake my family was still
 asleep and when we went to bed it was still early in the day for them. That gave us a
 tiny window to text and call.  Not for me, but now all is good again.  

Brutus is a happy kitty and we are just glad to be all of us back together.  
I will never be tired of say that there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!!!!'

Tuesday already.  Everything is almost back the way it should.
We have recovered from our jet lag, Brutus is back to his napping at regular
intervals, Arvid is back to enjoying his television programs and Soccer is back on. 
 As for me I am just happy to pick up the phone and call my mom, my sisters, Liliana
 and not have to check what time it is because we are all in the same time zone.  

Another good day ahead. 

 Hope it's the same for all of you.  If you ever need tips on relaxing,
 Brutus is your guy and my sisters doggie Marley.  He lives the life of relaxation.

Remember to always enjoy your life 
without comparing it to that of others.

Life is not short. It's just by the time we catch up to appreciating it,
we have already left life at least halfway behind us....