Aug 15, 2014

Little Of Horten, Arvid's Hometown...

Don't let your luggage define your travels,
 each life unravels differently...

Arvid's mother lives in the best location of all of Horten.
That's the view from her apartment, and one of our favorite spots when in Norway.
This is Fishland.  Marina and restaurants and the place we go every afternoon to relax on our own.

A must is always a few trips to the cemetery to visit Arvid's dad.  Believe it
or not going there is always a peaceful time for us.  We go alone and we go at times 
with his mother.  She goes there at least three times a week to keep everything in ship shape.

Coffee time is a special time for us.  We go to Fishland a favorite place of ours.
Sitting and watching people and boats pass by makes us think we are back home.
Pleasant experience always.  Nice scenery and good coffee.  Quiet times for us.  Very good.

Spending time with everyone is of course the best part of a vacation.
That we do quite a lot of.  We see his mother almost every day and we also see Aleah
and the girls often.  Aleah being so little we try to see as much of he as we can.  She's too cute!

Even on a rainy day in Norway you can see beauty all around you.
Captured on one of our last days after the rain.  Look carefully and you also see the rainbow.

When coming from the US it's difficult (at least for me) to get used to
things Norwegian.  Super expensive for starters, but that I am used to.  Still can't get
used to how little everything is.  Showers, coffe cups, grocery store is definitely limited in
my book.  I now totally understand how Norwegians feel when travelling to the USA.
 It is another world.  Where the sky is the limit and where everything is possible.  So different.

Different is NOT bad.  Just takes getting used to.  There are certainly some things
 in Norway that I think are better.  Definitely the sauces you can buy in packages is one of them.

To all a good day.  We will soon be home.
Remember, to be happy, and even if life isn't perfect it has perfect moments....

We all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter,
 but our common humanity matters more...