Aug 12, 2014

Making Memories....

The happiest memories are of moments that ended when they should have... 

Arvid and I came back from Poland on Sunday.  It was definitely one of 
the best times we have ever had. My best time ever in Europe.
The city is gorgeous and the food is the best I have ever had.
USA not included but very close.

Behind me is the Grand Hotel and we were told that whenever Hitler was in Gdansk
this was where he called home.  Of course it has the best ocean view.

End of a wonderful time, but back in Norway it was also a very good day.
Sunday was spent with Michelle, Emil, Aleah and Molly.  Just have to say,
when Aleah saw me she ran to me with open arms.  Of course I dropped
 everything and held her close.  Still can feel her little arms
 around me and I know I am already starting to miss her.

We took them all out to dinner and spent a few hours at Molly's. 
 Arvid's mother.  All together it was one very special day.

Yesterday, Monday we took a little day trip to Sweden.

To get there we start out on a half hour trip on the ferry.
I like it because I can get on to their free WIFI.  When you are in a foreign 
country any connection to your part of the world is greatly valued.  Chatted a while
 with  my mom and had a coffee and a little something on the boat.  Oh...the coffee cost $5.00

Like most of the Europe I have seen, the drive was picturesque as seen
by the pictures below.  The fact that it rained a bit did not take away from the beauty.

All together it was a perfect day rain and all.  We were together
and we had some alone time.  Very good as Arvid said.  This is our last 
week  here in Norway and we hope to get as much time as we can with family.

To all a good day and never forget,
we do not remember days we remember moments.

Things end but memories last forever....