Aug 31, 2014


Wake up!  It's morning time with cheerful moments.
Wishing you a very happy good morning and and even better day....

See you later alligator, I'm heading back home.

Been a lovely couple of days.  We rested and we did some fun stuff.
Batteries recharged and it's time to say adios, hasta luego and as Aleah says hade..

Thought the weekend was short we had some good times.
The thing with us is that we always enjoy ourselves.  No matter what.

And checked out a few places.  

I can't say Orlando is my favorite place, but for a weekend it is
pretty interesting.  Not only kids stuff , but there is something for everyone.
It is definitely worth checking out if you ever find yourself in the neighborhood.

To all a good Sunday.  
A little reminder, think a little less.  Live a little more.

Strange, how the best moments 
of our lives we scarcely notice except in looking back...