Aug 27, 2014

It's A Good Day After All...

If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn't make it so. 
Words and thoughts don’t change anything. Language and reality are
 kept strictly apart — reality is tough, unyielding stuff, and it doesn't care
 what you think or feel or say about it. Or it shouldn't. 
You deal with it, and you get on with your life...

Not sure what's going on, but I have had a sore throat for a few days now and it is 
extremely irritating and at times painful.  There is something also constantly tickling my 
throat making me cough all the time and driving me nuts.  Don't have a cold so even more 
baffling.  Got into reading about thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid), and now I think there is
 maybe a link to that and this irritation I am having.  Guess this is something I will have to figure 
out without going to another doctor. Just the thought of another doctor's visit is scary right now.

Lately I have been wondering what would happen if I decided to stop taking all these pills.
I mean what's the worse case scenario?  Don't know so I did a little research on my own. 
 As  with everything I found the positives and the negatives.  The negatives were hard 
to ignore so for  now will have to stick to taking the pill, but I am always
 going to be looking for an alternate solution.

Wednesday started out pretty "cool"  Only in the high 80's here in Fort Lauderdale so far. 
 This is a the so called perfect weather conditions for summer.  Helps that right now we 
are also in Hurricane Season and the tropics are acting up a bit bringing  the extra needed 
wind and clouds our way.  So far no rain just cloudy.  As good as it gets right  now; so
very  happy about that.  Now that it is warmer, it's time to be indoors for  the next few hours.

Today I did something that is not usual for me.  Normally I am not a breakfast person,
but this morning Liliana and I went to the beach and had breakfast.

Have to say it was a very pleasant change of tempo and as always time spent with
 Liliana is always enjoyable and entertaining.  No exception today.  Maybe we make
 it a regular thing, except if I eat this way too often I will pack on more weight than 
I can handle.  Already have enough as is.  Just have to say it was very good.

I don't do it that often so for what it's worth I loved every fatty mouthful of it. 

Yesterday finally the AC unit was replaced.  Now the place is much cooler.
Everyone is happy.  Brutus is fast asleep and I am about to go and start making lunch.
No matter what, Arvid loves to eat lunch at home.  I enjoy cooking so makes us both happy.

To all a good day.  Here the goal is to stay cool and hydrate.

I'm working on it :)

If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire
then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience. Life is inconvenient.
 Life is lumpy. Learn to separate the inconveniences from the real problems. 
You will live longer....