Aug 25, 2014


When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully...

A new week begins, the weekend came and went so fast, but we had a blast.  
Fairly quiet, with a couple of outings and dinner at our favorite
 restaurant, it made for the perfect weekend.

Brutus is still shadowing Arvid all the time.  Making sure we are not going 
anywhere and leaving him alone.  He seems worried every time we walk out
 the door, but happy when we return.  He's a happy kitty when we are around.

Monday started out fairly quietly, which is a nice change from the
craziness we often have.  Brutus is already fast asleep.  Arvid is already on the
phone and in between paperwork I am also tying to finish up my blog.  Pretty relaxing so far.

It is still extremely hot here in Florida, fortunately today it is a bit cloudy and
instead of hitting the upper 90's already we are only in the low 90's.
 Breathing a sigh of relief right now.

To all a good day and may your work week begin with a positive vibe
and may it be very productive. Remember to always expect the unexpected!

I surround myself with positive, 
productive people of good will and decency...