Dec 5, 2014

5th Day..

Birthdays are good for you. 
 The more you have the longer you live...

Everyday is a special day, but on the day of your birthday
the day is made even more special when celebrated with the ones you love.

Today a few of my friends have birthdays. Being so far apart it makes it difficult to get in 
touch with everyone.  So to all the birthday boys and girls here is my wish to you.

As you can see this is Florida during the Holidays.  The blue Palm trees are located
 at my favorite mall, The Galleria Mall.  Next to a very popular destination called
Blue Martini.  This is a must for one of our friends whenever she is in the area.

Her drink of choice guessed it.  A Blue Martini.

Remember life is to be LIVED!!
You can't tun back the clock, but you sure can wind it up again.

Wishing you the treasure of happy yesterdays
and the gift of bright tomorrows...