Dec 24, 2014

Christmases Past...Moments In Time

A Memory is a photograph taken by the heart
to make a special moment last forever.....

Five sisters.  When we really had nothing to worry about.

Memories.  Angel face with the snowman is Danielle.  Now in college.

Rima and J with Santa Claus.  Arvid and I many years ago in Norway.  
The little one is Michelle.  Mom of Aleah our grand-daughter and 
soon to be 2nd grand-daughter.  The years just fly by.

Arvid and his brother when only babes themselves. 
The little girl with Santa is Reshma.  A cutie always.  Me in Switzerland.

Both families.  Two worlds, but same feelings,
Christmas no matter what part of the world brings out the best in us.

Nothing like being surrounded by family and love.

My nieces and nephews.  It is a Merry Christmas just being around them.

Remember everyone, today's special moments are tomorrows memories.
Make them count and enjoy the Holiday Season with friends and family.  Ho! Ho!

Time stops for no one, make every moment count, be happy 
and don't waste a day being sad because tomorrow isn't promised...