Dec 17, 2014


If you fight hard, you know who you are, and are proud of who you are,
 and you've got a good chance of winning...

It is a great day to be an aunt.  Yesterday my niece Kimberly Nirvana (Kimsy) was accepted 
into Yale University.  It has taken her years of preparation to get to this stage.  Kimsy put in
 what's called an early admission for Yale and lo and behold she made it.

For the Class of 2014, Yale University received 25,869 applications, and admitted 1,940 
applicants for an overall admit rate of 7.5%  and Kimsy is right there. Not only is 
she beautiful and brainy, but she has a heart of gold.  Thinking of her I picture 
tenderness, kindness and all things good put together in a little girl who
 is now a "big" girl.  Little Kimsy is now Ivy League.

Kimsy..  See your goal.  Work your goal.  Score your goal.
Needless to say her parents, her brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and 
everyone who knows her are ecstatic.  It's not like we ever doubted she will make it in, but
just getting the confirmation is overwhelming.  I wish we were there right now to celebrate with her.

Kimsy knows how much we all love her and how proud we are for her.  Getting where 
she is right now did not come easy.  It seems as if she was preparing  for this achievement
for years and years.  Goal oriented and she never lost sight of it.   

 Kimsy did what she does best she set her goals high and NEVER lost sight of it. 
 Today it has all paid off.  Her mom my sister Nirvana has played a huge role
 in the success of Kimsy.  Like all parents she encouraged her always.
Kimsy, you made it.  Now the journey begins.  I love you!!!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you've imagined...