Dec 2, 2014

Just A Regular Day....Maybe

Would you know my name If I saw you in Heaven?
Would it be the same If  I saw you in Heaven?....

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
2 Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

December 2nd.  Nothing really special about the day.  I mean it's not some famous
 Presidents birthday nor a National Holiday so in every sense of the word just another typical
 day. For a special family out there today is actually a special day. Today is the 
birthday of their brother, son, uncle and someones husband.

Today that someone special is celebrating his birthday in Heaven as he has done for over 20
 years.  Today a sister and a brother will be reminiscing about the good and not so good times and by
the end of the day in the midst of their sadness there will also be laughter.  Laughter for a life 
lived to the fullest.  To a live that never said no to any challenge be it the right thing to 
do or not.  Laughter to a life lived fully but so recklessly.  The recklessness that
brought it all to an end.  For someone out there today is a special day.

To all of you out there who have a special angel in Heaven what can I say? I want
to say that I would rather have you here on earth, but that not being possible, the ones with
a special angel also have a guardian angel who watches over them.  Have to see something good.

As Eric Clapton says:
Tears In Heaven

I must be strong   And carry on  'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven  'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.......