Dec 31, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time....

Today's special moments are tomorrows memories.
Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, 
but of moments. You must experience each one before you can appreciate it...

I had an entire week to spend with family in North Carolina.  Brought back memories of'
childhood when we were young and carefree.  Mom made us everything we wanted and 
our dad as always was always running around doing little chores for her and us.

For us they spared on nothing.  My parents are in their seventies.  My parents
like most will do anything for their 5 daughters and 9 grand kids and the did.
Being back home was the best present one could ever ask for.

I got to enjoy each and everyone one.  Spend time with my nieces and nephews. Nothing in 
the world compares to that and to seeing my sisters and parents all together. Missing  was just 
Rima, the youngest and her family although Gabsy, their son flew  in for a short visit.

My sister Nirvan and Kimsy drove to North Carolina.  A trip that Arvid and I usually do
 in the span of 2 days since we overnight someplace, she and I did it in one day. It was just 
the best experience to have them with me in the car.  The time just flew by and
before we knew what was happening, we were already in NC.

Already waiting for us in NC was my sister Mala and family and Nirvana's son J who had
just flown in from Boston the day before.  Yes it was already a good time.  We were greeted
with the aromas of our mom's cooking.  Nothing and no-one can beat that.  It was the best time ever.

That night we ate like there was no tomorrow.  Forget diets when at mom and dad's. The next
 day we did a little malling around and then J took us all fishing to the lake.  Before you knew
 it J was giving lessons to all of us.  Sachin the youngest present absorbed it all and before 
you knew it he was fishing away.  No one caught anything but Sachin almost had one.
  The girls busied themselves with taking pictures.  I not one to miss a 
picture opportunity took tons of them.  I was happy as can be.

That night our mom made us another feast.  We ate so much, that we almost forgot our 
midnight tea time.  J is one who loves his tea-time when around family.  No he does 
not drink tea, but from the time he was a little boy we always had tea and it stayed 
with him.  Now a nice tradition when we all get-together.  Most night we 
were still awake at 3am.  Just talking the night away.

My sister Nina and family arrived on the 23rd.  Once again mom made a feast. Whenever 
Max and Danielle comes for a visit my dad goes into preparation mode for them.
My dad is always saying how max loves his chicken wings and my dad and mom 
ALWAYShave it hot and ready for them.  After the initial hello's it's was time 
to eat again.  When my mom cooks you know there will NEVER be a 
shortage of food.  With me around there is also not much leftovers.

Once we were all together there was no stopping us.  Everyday we had a blast. We went
 out for breakfast in the morning and we were a crowd of 14 when Gabby arrived 
we were a crowd of 15.  During the day we would browse around the mall and the 
nieces shopped until they dropped.  I forgot how young girls can shop, but
it was just fun to see them all excited and happy with their purchases.

The days took a life of their own and before you knew what was happening it was
already time to pack up and leave, but the memories made over those few days 
will always be a part of me.  Will cherish them in my heart forever.

Then it was back on the road again for Nirvana, J, Kimsy and I.  Once again we made the 
12 hour drive in the same day.  Something I don't do with Arvid.  I had promised J that we 
would go to JAlexanders for dinner once we got to Fort Lauderdale.  I kept the promise. 
 Arvid who was sick with the flu after being in Norway for 5 days was not sure he 
would make it, but after a little coaxing he was there.  Did not eat, but sat
 with us at the table and took J in his car as we drove my sister to her hotel.

And so came to an end one of the most memorable times for this year.
At mom and dads we always make special moments into lasting memories.  
I hope it never ends.  Thank you mom and dad for a wonderful Christmas time.

I've always believed in savoring the moments.
 In the end, they are the only things we'll have...