Dec 9, 2014

Happy Tuesday...

Nonstop sunny days would be boring. 
We need the gloom to highlight the highs...

We don't do many decorations for Christmas, but we do have a few Santa Clauses,
and as you can see Brutus is already not too sure what to make of the Jolly Old Man.

One of my favorite Christmas decoration is this Mr. and Mrs. Claus that was
 given to us by Arvid's mom and dad many years ago.  Arvid's dad was
still alive so this has lots of memories attached to it.

For the next few days we will be experiencing a cool down in temperatures.
We are still warmer than most places, my sister in Puerto Rico has even warmer temperatures.

I am really liking the cold for a change.  Arvid already saying it's too cold for him.
Can you believe that he is from Norway?  Says even 70's is too cold.

To all a good day.  It's beautiful so make the most of it.
Just a few more days to Christmas.

Remember this December that love weighs more than gold...