Dec 4, 2014

My Norwegian Christmas Calendar....

Find beauty and happiness in the little things....

Yesterday my Christmas present came all the way from Norway.  Early, but the whole
 purpose of this gift is so that you can appreciate it  for the first 24 days in December,
and trust me I will be everyday with a little bite of Norwegian chocolate.

It's called the Christmas Calendar and it is a Norwegian tradition where one is given a 
calendar on December first.  The beauty about this calendar is that on each day you
 open a litter door and there is a treat awaiting you.  The most delicious chocolates
 are there for us to nibble on.  One piece everyday until December.

Victoria my step-daughter has always told me about it and this year she sent us our 

very own.  In Norway she usually makes them, but you can also buy it from the store.
  Every year there is a lucky recipient to her homemade calendar.  This year it was Michelle, 
her sister.  Me I just am very happy to be in that special circle and to have my own calendar.

  Both Arvid and I got one; together with some extra goodies.  Now every morning until
December 24th I will be eating chocolate and she also gave us some scratch off tickets.
Who knows we may also win lots of money, but the best part is the thought put
 into it and the  anticipation of every morning to see what awaits us.
  Yes, life is good.

To all a very good day.  Don't forget that sometimes it's the 
little things that matter most.  Today is another good day.

It's the little things that make life big....