May 17, 2015

Baby's Birthday...

First we had each other.  Then we had you.  Now we have everything...

Brutus...the apple of my eye.  Today our little kitty turns 9.

All I can say is that the day Brutus entered our lives, it became so much better.
Arvid has learnt the meaning of patience and of saying I love you to a kitty.

If you were to ask Arvid, he would tell you that Brutus has changed him.  Brutus has
made him a better person.  The Arvid I met and the Arvid I know after Brutus came into our
 lives are completely different.  I like the Arvid that became a better person because of Brutus.

Brutus's first year with us as pictured from the above pictures, was a learning process
for him and Arvid.  I have had kitties before, 5 to be exact so for me it was just heaven sent
being able to have another.  It took some convincing, but soon Arvid gave in to the idea
 and we have never looked back.  Brutus was the best thing to happen to our lives!

They say a baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it.  Well the
 same applies to our Brutus.  He is more human that kitty and all he wants is to be loved by us.

Happiness for us is a home where Brutus is, and where we hear little feet following
 us around all the time.  Happiness is watching Brutus cuddle up 
with Arvid and Arvid having a big smile on his face. 

 Happiness is having Brutus and Arvid to love and cherishing them forever.
This being said I am happy.  I have everything I need right 
next to me and I'm always grateful.

Happy birthday Brutus.  You have made life so much more interesting and we love you
 forever.  Dada and I hope you can be with us forever, but we will be happy to take whatever
 comes.  We promise to love you forever and to be with you through it all.  You are our baby.

Brutus, you have filled a place in our hearts that we never knew was empty...

~Mama and Dada~