May 27, 2015

Puerto Rico...

I know I'm not perfect.  But I'm Puerto Rican.
And it's pretty much the same thing...

The Puerto Rico I grew up in.  Amazing.  Some of the kindest people on the planet.,
and some of the most beautiful sights in the world.  Island Of Enchantment it is.

 Isla Verde beach is partially lined by condominiums and luxury hotels. 
The white-sand beach is lined with trees such as sea grapes, almond trees and 
coconut palms that provide a welcome respite from the tropical sun.

Pictured above is what's know as West Condado Beach.

People-watching is the favorite sport of Condado beach regulars. The westernmost corner,
 at the end of Puente Dos Hermanos, is the most popular spot along the strip. A natural
 rock barrier making for calm, clear waters protects this small, shady beach.

 It is fully accessible to the public, while the beachfront hotels and condos have almost
entirely limited access to most of the rest of the beach. The lagoon, on the other side of
 the bridge, is great for kayaking and widsurfing, especially for beginners.  Running 
east to west, it is long and calm as a lake, with steady parallel winds.

Puerto Rico is known around the world for its hospitality.  Where everybody, from 
the taxi driver to the Governor wants to make you feel at home.  I can certify this as a fact.

Puerto Pico..known as the Island of Enchantment.  Now you know and can see why.
Read more by following this link.    

For the next few days we will be enjoying time with family and I will once
again visit some of my favorite places, but of all places the best thing about coming to PR
is that we get to see my sister Nirvana, and  family.  For me Puerto Rico means coming home.

Sitting with my sister listening to the Coqui's chirp away and
enjoying the silence that comes from being so close to the mountains.  The fresh air,
the beautiful surroundings and just talking and talking the nights away.  Yes, it's a good feeling.

We had a great first day.  Spent most of it at my sisters.  We all had lunch together,
and then my dad and Arvid disappeared for quite some time.  Found out the found a Tiki bar
in my sisters development and they decided that they needed a few more cold ones.

Back at the hotel Arvid and I found a little corner bar.  Had a little nibble
and something to drink.  We walked around a little.  Was a beautiful evening.  Ended up
at the hotel bar for a another cold one before settling into the room.  Very good first day it was.

Happiness is a journey.  Not a destination...