May 12, 2015

Life With Arvid...

Insist on yourself, never imitate.
Every great man is unique...

When I first met Arvid little did I know what kind of a life awaited me.  The man I met 
was shy and soft spoken.  The Arvid of today is no longer shy, but is is still the soft spoken,
kindhearted man I married.  I did not see in him at that time the spirit of an adventurer/risk taker.

The Arvid that I am married to is full of contradictions.  Full of the unexpected and 
every thing we do together always seems like an adventure.  I love it.
Arvid is not the easiest of persons to live with, I'm sure neither
am I, but for sure life is always fun. 

With him life is never boring.  Never dull, but as my mom says, "sometimes you can both 
use some down time."  Mom is right, but I do enjoy our constant being on the move lifestyle.

Just a while back he was checking out the music scenes.  He loves the Blues.  In his 
search he came across an artist whom according to him we had to go and see.  This was
 a Thursday afternoon around 5pm.  The concert was the same Thursday at 7pm.

Of course Arvid said to me, "come on let's go."  I am a little more down to earth that he is.
I told him "not this time."  He was sort of disappointed, but decided that I was right.  He then
said to me,"from now on I will check what's going on all the time.  This way we won't miss a 
single concert."  True to his word he is doing it and lo and behold he found a few for us as he puts it.

That being said, this is a "very busy week for us" according to Arvid.  He's happy.  He's
beaming and he's excited as a kid.  He loves the music.  For him music is what takes him away 
to that place where he is completely at ease.  Completely relaxed.  Music being the Blues.

So today we begin our first for the week.  Today we go see:

I don't necessarily know all the different artists we go see, but since I have seen them a few 
times already they are starting to sound more and more familiar.  Always a good time.

Good morning everyone.  Looks like it is going to be another very HOT day
here.  Also very beautiful when you are sitting indoors and looking out.

Silent men, like still waters, are sometimes deep and dangerous...