May 7, 2015

Back On The Road...

All I want is an open heart on an open road...

Nothing like being on the road again.  Yes time again for a little road trip.  Just
what Arvid and I love doing.  This time we are taking a friend with us, and I am going to 
give him the front passenger seat while I take a relaxing ride in the back enjoying the scenery.

Hopefully on this trip Arvid will be doing all the driving.  Yay!  All I will be doing 
is taking pictures of the scenery, listening to my music and who knows maybe a little nap.

Like my mom, I love to read license plates as you can see from the above picture.
Today I will have even more time to see them, read then and get a picture of them.  Happy Day!

Well it is already Thursday.  Our weekend kind of begins today and I'm
looking forward to a very relaxing time and to some good company.

Happy Thursday everyone.  

Life is like a road trip.  
Enjoy each day and don't carry too much baggage...