May 14, 2015

Staying Cool In This Heat...

A cold drink is the answer to most problems...

Ways to keep cool here in South Florida:

Sharing a delicious frozen drink with some of your favorite friends.

Any cold drink on the beach will do.  One f my favorites right here.

Heat or no heat, nothing beats a cup of coffee and with this view even more special.

Cold coconut water.  Sure quenches that thirst.

Always a winner are my frozen drinks.  Served any which way they are just so delicious.
Now this has made me start thinking of the weekend and of a piƱa colada,  a mango colada
 and some of those other frozen drinks I so love.  Yummy weekend awaits us.

Good morning everyone.  Another very hot day awaits us, but it is also another very
beautiful day here in The Sunshine State.  Time to hydrate and what better than water.

Having a cold drink on a hot day with a few friends is good...but 
what about having a hot friend on a cold night after a few drinks...much better...