Apr 17, 2022

Another Day.. April 17th DONE EASTER

I stay true to myself and my style, and I am always
 pushing myself to be aware of that and be original...

Was not sure I was going to post anything today, but then
 I get these emails from a friend, and it sure put a smile on my face.  
I don't normally read this stuff, but some of these "junk" emails
 are too darned funny and true. I just had to read and now share.

Well for those who ever doubted that the church has a 
sense of humor, then like me you must have been mistaken. 
 Here is proof of humor in these Church Signs. 

Nothing like being an original in my book. I have a special
 friend from my days in NYC. This reminded me so much of her.
  The girl is a one of a kind.  We all strive to be our own persons. 

Every so often someone wants to be like you.  Truth is, nothing 
wrong with that as long as one does not forget to be themselves. 
 I was raised with an original .  My dad.   No one like him in this
 entire world.  Now I have another original in my life 🙈.  Arvid. 
They are both a one of a kind.  How fortunate can one be?

Good morning everyone.  May your days be filled with 
originality and laughter.  On a side note.  For those posting
 about religion and politics on social media, that's your business,
 but please don't ask me why it is that I never comment on
 these posts.  You have the right to do what you like as do I.

Puerto Rico.  I miss you so much, and all the good 
times we had there.  Last night was a little rough night.  
Yes, I am spending time with family, but for some 
reason it also brought back memories.  I really
miss my PR kitties, Nirvana and Kimsy.

Always be original. Never duplicate what you've
 seen another actor do. Be true to the character that
 you've been given, and the rest will come easy...